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The health of your body is also instrumental in the health of your mind. For both, you need to stick to a nutritious diet that provides you with essential nutrients. For 5 years, Xiomara Empowered Health has promoted a holistic approach to health and wellness for clients. We work with you to evaluate how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole. Get excited about your health, and let our health coaches in Great Neck, NY, guide you towards wellness with our nutrition counseling.

Instead of telling you what to eat, we'll help you understand why some foods make you feel better than others. We'll explain how holistic nutrition diets can help you reach your health goals within a reasonable timeframe.


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Take better care of your mind and body with nutrition counseling from our health coaches in Great Neck, New York. The team at Xiomara Empowered Health has 25 years of experience helping clients change their lives for the better by altering the way they eat.

Our approach to healthier living involves healing your mind and body thorough supplements, transformation physiology, herbology, and functional medicine. We make sure you have the knowledge necessary to make the best decisions for yourself in any given circumstance.

You don't need to follow the advice of a magazine article or subject your body to the latest fad diet. Instead, tell us what you value most for your well-being, and we'll help you reach your specific goals.

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